The Top Brands Worldwide on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook has been widely used by brands to promote products, generate leads, and engage with consumers, mainly in the United States.

Now that the site is becoming a staple in peoples’ lives around the world, companies are branching out to reach new audiences.

In America, there are 157 million people on Facebook, while globally, 901 million use it, according to a new infographic by SocialBakers.

The infographic shows that some of the most popular brands on the site in the U.S. are Starbucks, Coca ColaDisneyland, and Oreo.

In the United Kingdom, iTunes and Cadbury are the top brands, and in Mexico it’s Starbucks, Blackberry and XBox. In France, Disneyland also has a big fan base, as well as M&M’s.

Globally, the fan pages with the highest growth rates are Halls, Trident, L’Oreal Paris, and Axe, among many others.

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