Pringles Makes its Facebook Page Pop

This post is part of the Killer Facebook Pages Series, which highlights the top brand pages on Facebook and provides tips on how to emulate their successes.

Pringles, the chip that stacks, are apparently just as appealing on Facebook as they are in a can. The company boasts 19.2 million likes and is the sixth-biggest food and beverage brand on the site.

The brand has done a tremendous job of building and retaining its social media popularity.

The Voice Matches the Brand

Pringles aims to seem like a fun brand, full of splashy logos and colorful advertising. Its fan page, updated once a day, contains posts that are designed to elicit responses.

On April 30, it posted, “Anything can be adapted to greatness: rename a song to Pringlefy it!” An update that received 862 likes and 2,181 comments stated, “Pringles & ____ are the perfect combo!”

Its statuses aren’t just Pringles-focused–they tap into the theme of particular days. On a recent Friday, it said, “Like if you’ve waited all week for this weekend!!” and got 4,336 likes, and on May 4, it stated, “May the Fourth Be With You,” receiving 3,146 likes.

Use of Videos

Pringles loves videos, which are a proven way to grab consumers’ attention. Last year, 52% of marketers used video in their content marketing strategies — a number that is expected to rise to 76% in 2012 — and Pringles is a great example of how to use video well.

Pringles’ amusing videos, posted a few times per month, receive thousands of likes and hundreds of thousands hits on YouTube. A video posted on April 10, for example, garnered over 474,000 YouTube hits, 1,196 likes, and 324 comments on Facebook.

Pringles North American Brand Manager Sam Minardi says the company looks “for tools we can use to create a good experience for consumers. So whether it’s through music or video, everything we do is tied back to giving consumers experiences that show the flavor and fun of Pringles. This is always the primary goal. We use video because we are focused on bringing to life fun Pringles experiences.”

Mashable’s Callan Green writes that Pringles “has recognized that its audience on Facebook reacts well to comedy and have used their fan page to catalyze the spread of a set of videos that certainly have the potential for virality.”

By distributing videos on their fan page, Pringles has propelled users to spread the brand to their friends without resorting to paid ad placements.

Targeting Spanish Speakers

Hispanics are the fastest growing minority in the United States, and in 2011, their purchasing power was over $1 trillion.

According to The Content Lab, “Hispanics’ consumer spending has recently led U.S. market growth in the food business, education and entertainment segments during recent years of a stagnant economy.” They are also early adopters of new technology and “have a higher engagement in social media.”

Scrolling down Pringles’ Facebook fan page wall, it’s evident that the company has a large Spanish-speaking following.

By sticking to its message and expanding its reach, Pringles has found success on the site. According to Minardi, that won’t be changing any time soon.

“We will continue to invest into our social media strategy and building the Pringles fan base,” he says. “We are less focused on hard metrics and more focused on unique experiences that are fun and engaging.”

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