Facebook to Expand Offers to E-commerce

A month after Facebook introduced Offers, a coupon program for local businesses, news has leaked that the company is also testing a similar program for e-commerce sites.

The social media giant plans to display these coupons in news feeds, sponsored stories, and ads that target specific markets and aim to boost sales.

The goal of Offers is to help businesses “better associate ROI with their Facebook marketing efforts,” writes Corey Eridon of HubSpot Blog. The first site-wide company Offers test was launched last month and featured an a coupon for Macy’s. Over 41,000 people claimed the offer.

Offers for e-commerce companies will work the same as it does now for local businesses. On the top of the Timeline feature, an “Offer” button will allow company to enter a headline, terms and conditions, an expiration date, and a photo, according to Eridon. The offers will be free to post, but companies will get more out of it if they pay for sponsored stories and ads, which will be more widely seen.

Giving away coupons has been a proven marketing move. For businesses that haven’t tied it, Facebook’s new feature might encourage them to try it. A recent survey showed that only 3 percent of consumers turn to Facebook for deals, but that number could grow if the Offers program proves popular.

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