Social Media Hasn’t Killed the Newsletter Star

Social media may seem like it can do it all for marketers, but email newsletters remain a top way to reach out to customers.

Newsletters are an excellent resource for delivering content and deals directly to the list’s recipients, and can easily be tied in with social media.

Consumers “named email newsletters and notifications as their third-favorite means of discovering what a merchant had to offer, behind a direct visit to a company’s website (in which case you’ve likely already earned the consumer’s loyalty) and print materials (which are considerably more expensive to produce and send),” a recent survey revealed, according to ITworld‘s Angela West.

Only 3 percent of shoppers turned to Facebook, and 1 percent looked to Twitter for deals, she reported.

The point of email newsletters, West writes, is to remind “potential clients that you’re here, waiting for their business.”

To measure how effective email marketing is, she says, every newsletter should contain a link to an exclusive coupon or deal.

Email newsletters and social media efforts should be integrated to maximize potential. Social media sites can be used to find new email subscribers and figure out who is sharing a newsletter’s content. If fans tire of company’s emails, they still might be want to be involved on social media so including links to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other networks is always a smart idea.

Image courtesy of Steve 2.0/flickr

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