Crafting Content that Reaches Out and Grabs the Audience

As the 3D phenomenon continues to grow across all platforms — movies, television, cell phones, and online videos — marketing is trying to catch up, aiming to make messages that truly pop.

Although it started with the 2009 movie Avatar, television is expected to play a bigger role in the 3D revolution: by the end of 2014, “the global 3D TV market size is expected to exceed $100 Billion,” according to James Stewart, director at Geneva Film Co, who wrote about the industry changes on Brian Solis’ blog. Three-dimensional mobile devices already exist, such as the LG Optimus 3D Max, and the Gadmei 8″ 3D tablet, which allow users to play games, take pictures, and see advertising in 3D. YouTube has a channel for 3D videos that “not only allows stereoscopic 3D footage to be uploaded online, but also offers users a chance to convert their 2D HD footage to 3D with a click of a button online.”

Stewart argues that content is 3D is more engaging than in 2D. He points to a study by Texas Instruments that “showed that viewers presented with 3D advertising content were as much as 20% more likely to retain that information than those who saw a 2D counterpart” and that when put into a classroom, 92% of a class paid attention to 3D content, while only 46% focused on the information in 2D.

“As more and more content enters the market, giving a greater number of consumers a reason to introduce the growing list of 3D devices into their daily routine, 3D will quickly become a primary format for content across all media platforms,” writes Stewart. With that in mind, marketers should budget for 3D content, whether it’s in the form of mobile advertising, television or movie spots, or online videos.

A growing number of advertisers are using 3D in their commercials to attract viewers and consumers. Marketers should be paying attention.

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