Photos Add Punch to Content Marketing

Visuals are the key to consumer engagement. Since the Internet is text heavy, images that make a brand stand out can spice up online content marketing campaigns.

The rise of Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, three highly visual sites, are compelling evidence that photographs are crucial for marketing success, according to Business 2 Community’s Heidi Cohen.

Marketers need to take the hint. Integrating photographs into content marketing strategies can be done in numerous ways. People connect with photographs of a company’s history, which can make it more memorable. Telling a brand’s story in pictures is also effective because consumers crave content that is personal.

Cohen also suggests showing a human face, or someone behind the company, whether it be the CEO or a spokesperson that people can relate to. Again, this makes the organization seem more personal, and brand mascots always make a company seem more likable.

Another tip that marketers might find valuable is to use photographs that showcase the company’s products and how to use them, says Cohen. She also writes that companies should encourage users to submit brand related photos. Not only is this a call to action, but it also contributes to making content more visual.

Marketers need to make sure they’re on the visual bandwagon. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get followers involved and keep them interested in what a brand has to offer.

Image courtesy of maigi/shutterstock

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