Social Media Marketing Spending in 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The majority of marketers consider social media marketing to be important for their businesses, but still 40% of marketers are stumped on how to prove ROI, according to a recent survey of 3,800 marketers.

The survey, which was released in conjunction with an infographic published by World View Editing, also shows that 59% of marketers use social media six or more hours per week, while 33% use it 11 hours or more a week. That’s not too much of a time drain, but could be seen as time-intensive for small teams.

Video marketing seems to be the upcoming hot spot. In 2012, 76% of marketers plan on increasing their usage of YouTube and video marketing — it tops the charts in terms of planned investments for next year.

Check out more of the data below. How much time do you spend each week on social media marketing?

Image courtesy of jojakeman and infographic courtesy of World View Editing

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