Optimize Paid Social Ads With Real Engagement

Just because a customer likes your brand on Facebook, it doesn’t guarantee they will become more interested in it or engage with it further. And paid Facebook ads that encourage users to click ‘like’ may only be getting that customer to think about your brand for a split second. Once they click, they’re usually done, never to be heard from again.

The key to making ad campaigns successful on Facebook is integrating them with true social media engagement, writes ClickZ contributor Liana Evans. She continues:

“To only be able to say ‘we have X number of fans who ‘like’ us’ without being able to understand how valuable those fans are doesn’t help you understand how successful your campaign is… Ask yourself, what do your fans do once they ‘like’ you? If all they do is hit the ‘like,’ ‘+1,’ or ‘Follow’ buttons and there’s no engagement, have you just wasted your ad spend?”

Using the example of Duracell, Evans pointed out how the company put up “Like Daughtry? Like Duracell!” ads to users who were fans of the musician. However, when fans went to Daughtry’s page, there was no mention of the battery company. One huge way to integrate branding and advertising is to ensure that all parties involved are on board with the campaign.

If fans liked your page, Evans says, they expect some sort of conversation to begin. After the like, do a call to action. Make sure that once you have the potential customers on board, you attract them with meaningful dialogue and interesting information.

In a time when marketers are turning to Facebook more than any other social media site to spend ad dollars, it’s important that they know the true value of their money. Don’t squander your ad dollars, people!

Image courtesy of Flickr, flyzipper

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