Tips For Optimizing Your Brand’s YouTube Presence

Every day, three billion videos are viewed on YouTube, so it’s pretty difficult, as a marketer, to stand out on the platform. Marketers need to have a plan of action for YouTube that includes search engine optimization, creative aesthetics, and taking the comments section seriously.

On his list of YouTube tips, Michael Jaindl emphasizes all aspects of finding success on the site. Here are a few of his suggestions:

1. Optimize Your Search Engine Potential

In the video’s description, marketers should include related keywords, a description, and targeted keywords. YouTube videos, Jaindl writes, are displayed on the first page of Google. By filling these boxes out, your chances of being seen are greatly increased. Once the video is live, you should post it to your social media sites and use it to garner more subscribers.

2. Pay Attention to the Comments

Commenters cannot be ignored. If they are asking for a response, give it to them. Even if they’re upset with the video, replying to commenters shows that your company cares enough about what viewers have to say. You can also set the standard in terms of language by controlling any inappropriate or offensive comments. 

3. Create a Customized Page

“Make sure you create an aesthetic reflective of your brand’s overall digital presence,” says Jaindl. “To ensure that visitors know they are watching a video coming straight from your organization, use logos and colors they already associate with your brand.” A signature mark will make your company  more apparent amongst the clutter of the site. 

Read Jaindl’s full list of tips on enhancing your brand’s YouTube presence on Mashable.

How does your brand make its YouTube content stand out? Share your tips in the comments below.

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