Twitter Users Crave News Updates [STUDY]

News organizations and bloggers are extremely popular on Twitter, ranking high amongst fans and followers. In a recent study, 31% of Twitter users said that they follow bloggers that put out original content, while 33% claim to follow news organizations, according to AYTM Market Research. And 42% of those surveyed follow brands.

“Businesses have the ability to appeal to Twitters users on multiple fronts by using a comprehensive social media marketing¬†strategy,” says the Brafton News article. “Focusing on providing branded content that is timely and engaging will attract prospects looking for company information and news.”

By keeping customers craving updates on the latest company and industry developments, you’re appealing to much more of the masses.

Take a look at Nikon’s Twitter, which boasts nearly 50,000 followers, for example. It tweets about company news as well as news about photography in general. If your target audience is made up of photography enthusiasts, chances are, you should probably tweet about the latest photography news.

In a time when people are obsessed with news, why not provide relevant industry news via your brand’s Twitter page?

Image courtesy of Flickr, shawncampbell

Image by Flickr
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