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People Crave Free, Digital News [REPORT]

The news industry may be struggling to financially stay afloat, but there is a silver lining of hope: news is making its way into the lives of people more than ever. A Pew Research Center report released today found that thanks to advances in technology, people are increasingly in the know about current events. However, this doesn’t translate to more money for the businesses producing the news.

The study concluded that checking the news on mobile devices could lead “to a deeper experience with news than on the desktop/laptop computer” and that for the first time in 10 years, audiences watching network TV news grew. Researchers forecast that newspapers are going to more commonly start offering flexible digital subscriptions, just like the Times.

Back in early 2011, a Pew study revealed that 46% of Americans were consuming news on the Internet as opposed to print. In a time when 29% of Americans own tablets, and are frequently, if not always, using them to read newspapers, blogs, and similar content, newspapers have an advantage in the digital world. On Twitter, with the 140-character restriction, newspapers can put out short headlines, making it simple for followers to easily and quickly read through the latest news.

When it comes to newspapers, SocialFlow, who conducted a study on the top news sites’ Twitter accounts, said, “Whether you’re a publisher, brand or individual using the web, building up skills to attract and attain attention within social media spaces requires that you engage and get familiar with your audience, followers and fans.” In the past, newsmakers and journalists didn’t have to interact with their audiences; their only job was to report on events. The shift from print to digital and into the social media realm “completely alters publishing dynamics.”

Although the findings continue to look bleak, at least newsmakers now know that their products are being well received. With this new information, perhaps advertisers and the news industry can find a way to work hand in hand and make real revenue once again.

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