Content Marketing and the Popularity of Tablets

When it comes to viewing content such as blogs, books, online newspapers, and emails, consumers are increasingly using tablets as the device of choice. A recent study of tablet users’ habits revealed that reading text has “quickly become something tablet users would rather do on their tablet than any other place,” according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Furthermore, IDC research found that “51% of IT decision-makers… say they ‘always’ use their iPad at work (and a further 40% say they sometimes use it at work).” Since the most commonly used tablet is the iPad, CMI says that companies creating apps must first develop them for that tablet device above all else.

Given that tablet use is on the rise, marketers need to take the hint and start making their content accessible to people who own tablets. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to create a website made entirely of Flash, since iPad doesn’t support it. Along with staying clear of Flash, Sprout Social says companies’ websites must be viewable in portrait and landscape, and be easy to navigate via mouse or fingertip.

Razoo suggests keeping your content brief, while saving long-winded text for a downloadable PDF document. “A limited screen with smaller fonts means less tolerance for text-heavy reading. Focus on photo and video friendly content, punch up your font size, and shorten the length of your content,” writes author Geoff Livingston.

According to Pew and Livingston, “29% of all Americans have either a tablet, an e-reader, or both.” Since these users are focused on consuming content, marketers need to ensure that the text, videos, and websites they construct will attract, not repel, the rapidly growing population of tablet enthusiasts.

Image courtesy of Flickr, smemon

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