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How To Turn Blog Readers Into Brand Advocates

Fans and followers of your company’s blog can easily become advocates for your brand if you figure out the right way to court them, according to {grow} blogger Srinivas Rao.

By sticking to guidelines that prove that your brand cares about what its customers have to stay, you’ll be able to change them into company advocates.

In his article, Rao writes that brands must listen to their fans and engage in dialogue with them. By finding out your fans’ full names, friending or following them on sites other than their personal blogs, and linking to their blogs/work, you are ensuring that your readers will see you, and your brand, in a positive light. 

Rao also suggested having one-on-one informal conversations with readers, mentioning them on your blog/social media sites, and creating content specifically for the most active fans will increase their warm feelings towards you.

What Rao stressed on his blog is reiterated all over the Internet: Brands must care about what their customers have to say. They do that by proving they are listening. “Sharing engaging content that adds value and displaying a sincerity in each interaction strengthens the relationship with your best advocates and fuels the fire of their support,” writes Kara Martens on Shoutlet.

For anyone who doubts the importance of brand advocates, take into consideration this significant finding from Meteor Solutions: 1% of a website’s audience “can directly influence 30% or more of overall end actions on brand websites by recommending the brand’s site, products or promotions to friends.” To target this 1%, Mashable proposes using social analytics tools to find out what kind of content your fans share, where these users share it, and what motivates them, whether it be fame or the chance at working for your company.

By pursuing these methods put forth by Mashable, Shoutlet, and {grow}, your company can grow its fans into its biggest advocates on the company’s blog and beyond.

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