Top 10 Most Retweeted Brands [REPORT]

Track Social, a social media analytics platform, released its findings for the top 10 most retweeted brands on Tuesday.

Joyce Meyer Ministries, the Los Angeles Lakers, ESPN, CNN, and additional sports, news, and religious entities top the list for the highest number of daily retweets.

News and sports accounts receive numerous retweets due to their timeliness. This makes sense, since Twitter’s reputation as a breaking news source is only getting stronger.

As for the religious accounts, like Joyce Meyer or Joel Osteen Ministries, they are seeing success because the individuals behind them were once unreachable. Now the barrier has been broken down and users can connect in a direct way.

Retweets are great, because it means the content you’re producing is resonating with your audience. So, how can you learn from the top retweeted brands on Twitter?

Sports news is frequently retweeted because fans are very active, participatory, and interact with one another often constantly. To emulate the religious accounts, be personable, human, and relatable. Meyer and Osteen’s Twitter updates are genuine and cater to just about anyone.

A call to action asking users to retweet is not usually wise, though, and neither is posting about what everyone else is discussing. ESPN is the first to post about a field goal made by the Giants, and CNN will send out up-to-the-minute coverage on Election Day. Neither of these brands are following in the footsteps of other companies.

To see the same success as the top 10 most retweeted brands, your tweets have to be timely, promote participation, and relate to your fans.

Image courtesy of Flickr, glenscott

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