5 Quick Tips for Mastering Facebook Timeline

The Internet has been on fire surrounding Facebook’s new brand pages with Timeline integration. But instead of giving you another guide, we decided to share five tips that we found concise and useful.

1. Facebook Is Still About Distribution

“Timeline is a highly engaging content channel, but one where the content is meant to travel. You don’t want people to spend too much time on the Page, as opposed to sharing it. [Brands] should look at Timeline as a distribution point, as opposed to a destination.”

–  Ian Schafer, founder and CEO of Deep Focus, Mashable

2. Be a Storyteller

“Don’t obsess about your new Timeline cover photo or how a user’s eyeball will scan your new page layout. Rather, spend that time to become the storyteller your brand deserves, because every brand has a story.”

– Jamie Tedford, founder and CEO of Brand Networks, Forbes

3. Watch Out for Noise

“Be mindful of noise in the Timeline. Since the real estate allocated to each post depends on how engaging it is or how much interaction it has received, it can be easy to clutter your Timeline with customer inquiries.”

– Victoria Ransom,  founder and CEO of Wildfire Interactive, Mashable

4. Don’t Be Intimidated by the Layout

“Don’t let Timeline intimidate you. The people who Like your Page have chosen to follow you regardless of the layout, which is why you should be focused on interacting with your followers and sharing quality content. The new interface just supports what you’ve already been doing.”

– Jennifer Beese, Sprout Insights

5. Be Creative and Strategic

“If you’re using Facebook strategically, then this is a big deal: the new layout rewards creativity and innovation. But if you’re operating at a tactical level, then this is just more of the same – another shiny tool to play with.”

– Jonathan Rick, Levick Strategic Communications, RWW

Image courtesy of Flickr, Goiabarea

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