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6 Ways To Get Ideas for Your Blog

Consistency is key to building a loyal following for your blog. Yet, it can be daunting coming up with brand new blog topics day after day.

Here are a few cool tools to get your creative juices flowing with minimal work on your part (we know you’re busy!).

1. Percolate

The Percolate Daily Brew sends you an email every morning with the most relavent news on topics you’re interested in. Check this email on your iPad or mobile phone when you wake up and have a blog post idea before even getting out of bed!

2. Google Keyword Tool

If you’re looking to write something on a very specific topic, it’s always a great idea to check out the Google Keyword Tool. Just type in the topic you’re writing about, and you’ll immediately get a list of keywords people search for in relation to that topic. In addition to writing about something people are definitely interested in, you have a chance to get some inbound google search traffic from these keywords.

3. Skillshare

Find out what people are willing to pay for to learn by browsing Skillshare. Simply select the topic you’re interested in writing about on the left hand side or browse through the existing classes. The site has everything from technology to entrepreneurship to culinary arts. Or, if you have a more specific topic in mind, try out the search functionality.

Finally, if you’re interested in covering a class, contact the host and ask for a complimentary press pass! Most Skillshare teachers would be happy to get a little press for their classes.

4. Brainy Quote

What better way of coming up with great topic ideas than looking at what famous people said? Check out Brainy Quote to find great quotes on pretty much any topic.

5. Alltop

Find out what all of your competitors are writing about on Alltop. Simply search for the topic area your blog is about, and check out what the top news stories in that arena are.

It’s completely appropriate to write a blog post about one of the popular articles you find on Alltop, as long as you’re adding value through your own perspective and linking back to the original.

6. EurekAlert

Want to know about the latest research studies conducted in the topic of your choice? Make sure to subscribe to EurekAlert to get press releases from the world’s top universities on the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Your Thoughts

This is a list of only a few ways to generate ideas for your blog. If you’re still stuck, make sure to check out this post for many more tips.

What tools do you use to generate ideas for your blog?

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