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With British Youth, Brands Have Greater Influence Than Friends [STUDY]

Woo! Social media efforts by brands are actually paying off!

A recent and surprising study showed that 30% of purchases made based on social media interaction were impacted by brands the user followed, not their friends. The study, was conducted on 1,100 British social media users aged 15-34, so results can only speak for that demographic.

It’s interesting, though, considering that social networks were initially considered financially valuable because marketers wanted to target influential friends less directly. But brand pages on Facebook and Twitter are not just hangouts – they are also hubs for news, commerce, and events. Therefore, it makes sense that brand interaction is clearly doing better than expected.

Does this mean that brand pages are more influential? Not necessarily — but it does mean that users are finding value from following brands via social media channels. So maybe bulking up your community management strategy isn’t as risky as you may have thought.

Image courtesy of Flickr, webtreats

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