5 Key Stats You Should Know About Google+ Brand Pages

Google + may be the social network people love to hate, but we’re still wondering – is it working? TNW wrote a very well-researched article tracking the growth occurring on the search-engine happy network using data analytics from SocialBakers, Simply Zesty, and Bright Edge, among others.

Here are five key stats you should know about Google+ Brand pages, even if you refuse to build out your Circles. 

  1. The Top 10 Brands on Google+ are H&M, Samsung, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Sony, Intel, eBay, Google and Amazon.
  2. Their posts on Google+ are getting between 40 to 70 “+1s”, 10 to 30 comments, and around 10 shares.
  3. Combined, they hold the interest of 3 million of the 3.1 million fans following the top 100 brands.
  4. Not one of these brands has 1 million followers.
  5. Google+ still has less than 1/100th the number of total consumers interacting with the top 100 brands that Facebook has.

So is it worth setting up and updating another social media account? Maybe. If you are interested, here are some killer tips for growing your Google+ following.

Image courtesy of Flickr, cordiaz2000

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