Content Marketing Lessons To Take From The Superbowl

So the Giants won, the ads were huge, and social networks blew up — no surprises so far. But in the wake of the super-sized media-soaked victory, we discovered this great post over at Business To Community noting that there are some branding lessons to be learned from the teams, not the ads, at the Superbowl.

“At the beginning of the season, each NFL team starts with a clean slate and chance to get into the playoffs, then the big game. It’s the teams that lay out goals, stay consistent and find opportunities that win the games to get into the postseason. By following the same guidelines as winning NFL teams you too will find success with your content marketing efforts.”

Yes, parallels can be cheesy, but this one actually stuck. Each team begins their season with a somewhat unfamiliar brand — and it’s their job to bring it to Superbowl glory. Plus, there’s something mystical about the marketing of sports teams — the player-celebrities and the massive merchandising around a game, especially!

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