12 Concerns Content Marketers Should Have About Facebook’s IPO

Mashable put together an awesome list of 38 risk factors that could mess up Facebook’s future.

Yes, the seemingly unstoppable social network has 845 million active users, 100 billion “friendships,” and 250 million photos uploaded daily, but there are certainly worthwhile concerns.

We edited it down to 12 that anyone using the platform as a marketing tool may find concerning, from the point of view of Mark Zuckerberg:

  1. We could simply lose users, or fail to add new ones.
  2. We could lose advertisers — and new technology may let users block ads.
  3. Facebook’s mobile platform doesn’t show ads — so the more that grows, the worse for us.
  4. More governments could restrict access to Facebook.
  5. The Facebook culture is all about rapid innovation and getting users engaged — and that could come at the cost of profits.
  6. Bugs might give people access to users’ information that they’re not supposed to see.
  7. Our revenue grew by 88% last year — and that’s simply not sustainable. Growth is bound to decline.
  8. A lot of our servers are handled by third parties, and they might be disrupted.
  9. Our software is incredibly complex and may have a lot of bugs.
  10. People might sue us over all sorts of stuff posted on Facebook — intellectual property, copyright, defamation, and so on.
  11. Viruses, hacking, phishing and malware. Oh my.
  12. We’re planning to acquire lots of other companies, which could disrupt everything at Facebook.

What do you think content marketers on Facebook should worry most about regarding post-IPO Facebook? Let us know in the comments.

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