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How Guest Writing Can Build a Journalist’s Personal Brand

Writing for large, influential sites as a contributor is a great way for writers to brand-build and find a new audience.

A recent post on Forbes, titled “Inside Forbes: How Journalists, Consumers and Marketers Build Their Brands On Our Platform,” focuses inward on the publication’s own experience with the phenomena. now gets 28.8 million unique users, up 70% from a year ago, and hosts posts from nearly 1,000 contributors. “For a new breed of content creator, brand-building on Forbes highlights the potential rewards of entrepreneurial journalism,” writer Lewis DVorkin explains.

DVorkin argues that using Forbes’ platform is helpful for content creators – reporters, authors, academics, category experts, consumers, and marketers.

We’re of the school of thought that a guest post or series can be an incredibly useful marketing tool, so entrepreneurial journalists take note.

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