Top Social Brands Spill Their Facebook Tactics

Brands need to evolve culturally,” Ad Age explains their latest trend report, in which they explored the secrets of top brands like Chapstick, Intel, and Burger King and their Facebook tactics.

“When a brand is on Facebook and you feel like it probably shouldn’t be there, it’s that the brand hasn’t figured out how to communicate in 2011,” they note. We completely agree – it is always risky to attack a platform without a plan.

Check out some of the crazy but true campaigns they mention:

  • A robot that shot stains at a line of crisp, bright-white shirts for Ariel laundry detergent (Saatchi Stockholm) . Facebook fans choose which “flavor” of stain to shoot on their computers.
  • Users sent their sick friends personalized cans of soup for Heinz’s “Get Well Soup” campaign.
  • Facebook users helped lead a real “character” escape from a room in an evolving “social film”ruled by Facebook posts and own videos.
Image by Flickr
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