Stay On Track With Your Editorial Calendar

Search Engine Watch ran a great piece the other day on How To Stay On Top Of Your  Editorial Calendars.

We’re big believers in the benefits of digital content editorialcalendars as well – check out our handy guide here for a good intro – but these add-ons to stay on track!

  • WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin: This gives the publisher a “bird’s eye view” of your content that allows you to control your long-term strategy.
  • HootSuite: In essence your social media editorial calendar is your dashboard of content broken down into timelines. HootSuite gives you that same dashboard feel when you break down the content into social networking massages.
  • 21 Habit: So you want to get your social media editorial calendar up and running in 21 days or less? Put yourself to the test with this app designed to help you make or break habits, whether it be marketing or other business and personal goals.
Unless your blog is for meandering personal use, you’re going to want to keep it on course. An editorial calendar helps you do it!

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