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What’s The Deal With All This Curation?

Curation, curation, curation. What’s the deal?

Paid Content wrote a great piece about the amazing curation tools for online content, and how they plan to make money.

They’re all built on the same idea: a self-organized community of thousands people (see graph below) who pick up articles they like and put them on Twitter (and also on Facebook and Tumblr); the feeds are then re-aggregated and curated by the sites’ editors.

Then two questions arise :
– Does this model benefit publishers ?
– What kind of business models can the aggregators hope for ?

Longreads’ business future lies more in a membership system than in anything else — maybe some sponsorship, Armstrong acknowledges. The contents Longreads promotes through its links addresses a solvent audience, one that knows great journalism comes with a price and so do good tools to mine it.

High quality writing gets read. Period.

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