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Huffington Post: Storytellers Are The New Strategists

The Huffington Post just ran an interesting post called The Future of the Web: Brand Content & Browsers.

Some highlights:

“Content is not just about putting the summary of what your company does up there, but instead thinking about how you can make that content great.Forget the message for a minute. Does someone, anyone, want to sit and read or watch what you’re delivering? Finding the answer to these kinds of questions make storytellers the new strategists.”

Timing is one thing, but there is also the manner in which you attack the void. As with anything on the web, you can’t get there without great technology. Companies that fall short are too often the ones offering an underwhelming user experience.”

The world is full of critics, and looking past all the technology and trends its much harder to find the author of truth, the creator of stories that millions believe in, get taken by, and gravitate to.”

Plus we get a shout out! 

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