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Awesome Content About Content – Week of 8-19-2011

At the core of the term content marketing is the idea of producing relevant content for your audience that’s not specifically about a brand, but is instead hosted by a brand.

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This week we dive into why creating high quantity content increases distrobution and why consumers are more likely to make purchases with brands they are engaged with.

Ladies and Gets, here’s the most awesome content about content for the week ending August 19th 2011:


SES San Francisco experts say targeted content key to social marketing

Brafton News breaks down a presentation by Jeff Revoy, CMO of iContact, from the SES conference in San Francisco.  Revroy offers an insightful case study on how a company’s blog helped highlight a product benefit while in turn engaging readers.

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Social Media Gold Lies In The Inner Circle

Are you influenced by your inner circle?  Neicole Crepeau takes a look at how people, more often than not, prefer to share content with family and friends.

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Is content marketing worth the effort?

Danielle MacInnis summarizes Sonia Simone’s take on whether content marketing is worth the effort. Sonia gives great advice in that companies need to “call your own shots”, and why small business owners should use content marketing as a way to pull people to their product or service.

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Fifty-two percent of consumers say blog content has led to purchases: SES San Francisco insight

“Blogs are second only to consumers’ friends in terms of trusted information/shopping resources.” Charles Black, president and chief strategy officer of Technorati, suggests that consumers often read blogs specifically to get insight that will inform their purchase decisions.

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You Have Your Content, Now Where’s Your Style?

What’s your flavor? Anna Ritchie shares her thoughts on how a blog should reflect a particular voice in order to make a connection to the person you are selling to.

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