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The Most Awesome Content About Content This Week (June 17, 2011)

Why do companies start blogs, and then, as quickly as they started, stop updating them? In almost all cases, it has to do with a lack of planning. Developing a content strategy, setting clear goals, and creating an editorial calendar are all things that need to be done in order to get the most value out of your content. After all, the only thing worse than not creating content at all, is creating content that doesn’t work!

Swooshable Planning

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Our “content about content” round-up this week focuses on timely resources for getting started with a content strategy–in terms you can understand.

An Overview of the Content Strategy Process and Deliverables

When it comes to content, 75% of the battle is just showing up, and the other 25% is getting the details right. With this look at developing and refining a content strategy, you’ll get specific action items that will get you started.

What Are The Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes?

A panel of industry experts discuss common ways new marketers go wrong with their content strategy. As it turns out, the biggest mistake most people make is not having a content strategy in the first place!

5 Step Model For A Killer B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Creating a B2B content strategy can be very different from creating a B2C strategy. Your audience is typically smaller, the content requires more focus, and level of expertise required to make your content stand out is much higher.

4 Ways To Grow Your Blog With The Power Of Experts

As a convient follow-on to our last link, here are four ways to tap into the collective expertise of others in your industry. They think, you benefit.

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