Introducing ContentlyU: Our New Content Education Hub

Sometimes in marketing, the buzzwords fly at you at a terrifying speed.

You’re a failure as a marketer if you don’t have a personalized ABM strategy across your core three verticals, one thought leader on Twitter declares. Meanwhile, over on LinkedIn, you learn that if you don’t get on TikTok TODAY, your brand will be left in the dust. And then over in your inbox, it’s SiriusDecisions knocking—have you completed all 47 steps of the demand waterfall yet?

Have you even completed three?

This can all feel overwhelming. Because the truth is that most marketing to marketers plays on insecurity—the fear of being left hopelessly behind. Ads and posts triggering that insecurity lurk around every corner. It’s a minefield.

I’m not impervious to it, and I doubt you are either. But whenever it starts to overwhelm me, I bring my team back to the question that matters most:

How can we help our audience?

To some, asking “How can we help our audience?” may sound like idealist millennial marketing nonsense. But it’s one of the most strategic questions you can ask.

If your marketing doesn’t help your audience in some way, they won’t give a crap about you. You won’t build trust or be remembered.

At Contently, our marketing’s team mission is to help you master content marketing. We want to give you the guidance you need to create badass content strategies, tell incredible stories, prove success, and get that next promotion. It gives our jobs meaning, and because that guidance leads a lot of you to become Contently customers, it also means that we get to keep our jobs.

Today, we’re excited to announce the next step in our mission: ContentlyU, our new education hub filled with free research, playbooks, courses, and events to help marketers up their content game.

ContentlyU homepage

We built ContentlyU because … well, it was kind of obvious. While we have a big audience across our publications, newsletter, and social channels, we didn’t have a central place for you to find the educational resources you need to succeed.

Strategically, it also makes it easy for us to stay focused. If a marketing campaign doesn’t fit under ContentlyU, there’s a good chance it doesn’t help our audience. And if it doesn’t help our audience, we probably shouldn’t be wasting our time on it.

I hope ContentlyU helps you master content marketing as you ask that critical question: How can we help our audience? In my experience, great content is usually the key to the answer.

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