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Video: The 2 Keys to a Great Content Distribution Strategy

Attention spans are dwindling. Content competition is ridiculously fierce. Mark Zuckerberg is cosplaying as Ivan Drago to the media’s Rocky Balboa. But you know what? I honestly believe there’s never been a better time to create great content.

A big reason why is the incredible amount of data and insights we can collect on our audience, through both internal analytics and third-party data on search and social. As I wrote in my Ask a Content Strategist column last summer, those insights can unleash our creativity and help us figure out exactly what our audience wants.

In my latest Content Marketing Minute video, I cover how to use third-party search and social data to develop a content distribution strategy that fills a true need in peoples’ lives. Check it out!

And if you missed the first three episodes in our Content Marketing Minute series, you can catch up below.

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