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Does Your Brand’s Content Sound Like It Was Put Through a Carwash of Lawyers? Here’s a Quick Fix (Video)

Marketers love to talk about creating an easy and delightful customer experience, but the truth is, a lot of branded content can be downright painful.

Dry, academic, verbose, sales-y. A lot of branded content is a chore to read because it either was created by technical experts who aren’t professional writers, or it got put through a carwash of lawyers. (They never spring for the hot wax, but always scrub off any shine.)

But there’s good news: unlocking the essence of your brand isn’t as hard as you think. In our latest episode of Content Marketing Minute, I examine a simple exercise that’ll help you create a brand voice your audience will love. Check it out!

And in case you’re new to the series, here’s Episode 1, which focused on how to create content marketing goals that ladder up to real business results:

And episode 2, in which I unveil a guide for building relationships with a high-value audience:

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