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Contently Named One of the 50 Best Places to Work in Media By Ad Age

Sometimes, Mondays suck. Okay, maybe a lot of times.

Saying goodbye to the weekend is never easy, but there is a solution: making the workplace a better place. That means building a culture where people enjoy each other’s company, are fulfilled by their responsibilities, and have access to the resources they need to succeed.

Of course, that always sounds much simpler than it actually is. As the head of people at Contently, it’s my job to make these solutions a reality as best I can. Today, we received some vindication that we’re on the right track: Contently was named one of Ad Age’s 2016 Best Places to Work.

Hundreds of media, advertising, adtech, and martech companies from across the country applied and were judged on their workplace policies, practices, demographics, and employee experience. It was a competitive list. Only 50 companies made it, and we’re honored to be sharing the accolade with companies like Pandora, PwC, and Foursquare.

So how did we make Ad Age’s list? Well, when you’re competing against ad agencies and startups, fun perks are a must—and on that front Contently does not disappoint. Besides free snacks and a stocked fridge, we also make sure our employees have plenty of opportunities to bond with their fellow employees. Ideally, the best perks involve both food and socializing, like our recent company lunch and 15-way trivia battle royale.

But while those kind of things are important, it’s really our non-edible benefits that make Contently a great place to work. Things like our comprehensive health insurance, paid parental leave, and two-month paid sabbaticals for employees that have been with us five years all ensure that our employees are healthy and happy.

Each benefit we offer is meant to reduce stress, improve work-life balance, provide our employees with the resources they need, and instill a sense of community at Contently. Whether it’s our dog-friendly office, annual education credit, unlimited vacation policy, or weekly mindfulness sessions, our goal is to support our employees in both work and life.

If this all sounds like I’m persuading you to come work at Contently, I am—we’re hiring! But I’m also drawing attention to our perks and benefits because they illustrate one of our core beliefs: You need smart, talented people to do great things, and great benefits ensure that those people are at their best.

More than anything, it’s those smart, talented people that make Contently what it is—and they’re the ones that help make our Mondays suck a little bit less.

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