100 Real Pokémon Go Headlines That Will Make You Question Everything

1. ‘Waiter, there’s a Squirtle in my soup’: When Pokémon invade your restaurant (The Washington Post)

2. And Now, Some Pokémon Go Erotica (Kotaku)

3. I Was a Normal Person With a Life. And Then I Started Playing Pokémon Go. (Slate)

4. Cops Called, Eggs Thrown At Hundreds Of Pokémon Go Players In Sydney (Kotaku)

5. Stabbing victim refuses treatment, continues playing Pokémon GO (Death and Taxes)

6. Pikachu and friends ‘drafted’ into Israeli army as #PokemonGO sweeps the Jewish state (Haaretz)

7. So, Uh, The President Of Israel Is Playing Pokémon Go? (BuzzFeed)

8. Literally Just 26 Hilarious Tweets About Pokémon Go (BuzzFeed)

9. Professor Willow From “Pokémon Go” Is Dad AF And We Need To Talk About It (BuzzFeed)

10. Pokémon Go Is The Upgrade To Grindr Every Gay Man Has Been Waiting For (BuzzFeed)

11. The Holocaust Museum Wants Visitors To Please Stop Playing Pokémon Go There (BuzzFeed)

12. Holy Shit Guys, Pokémon Go Erotic Fiction Actually Exists (BuzzFeed)

13. We Talked To The Guy Who Played Pokémon Go On The Frontline Against ISIS (BuzzFeed)

14. John Mayer Bought $100 Worth Of Pokécoins Because Pokémon Go Has Taken Over (BuzzFeed)

15. How to Turn Your Bike Into a Pokémon Go Machine (Lifehacker)

16. How to Type the é in Pokémon Go (Lifehacker)

17. Retailers Are Licking Their Chops at Wandering Pokémon Hunters (Fortune)

18. Pokémon Go is everything that is wrong with late capitalism (Vox)

19. Pokemon Go is augmented reality. Too bad reality is still racist. (Vox)

20. Barista, 24, quits his job to spend two months traveling around New Zealand collecting Pokemon (Daily Mail)

21. People Would Rather Catch Pokémon Than Go on Dates (New York magazine)

22. Men Incapable of Playing Pokémon Go Without Going Completely Insane (New York magazine)

23. Watch a Pokémon Go Player Walk Right Through a TV Weather Report (Time)

24. Pokemon Go’ Hunters in South Korea Thwarted by War With North Korea (NBC News)

25. South Koreans leaving jobs and families to flock to a remote fishing village to play Pokemon Go (

26. Pokemon Go Is More Popular Than Porn Now (Nerdist)

27. Al Franken is worried about Pokemon Go players’ privacy (CNN Money)

28. Baltimore Craigslist Poster Offering ‘Pokémon Go Chauffeur’ Services (CBS)

29. Gotta close ’em all! How one broker plans to turn “Pokémon Go” into real estate bait (The Real Deal Magazine)

30. Pokémon Go Might Just Be the Perfect Dating App (Yes, Really) (Wired)

31. How ‘Pokemon Go’ could help you sell your house (CNBC)

32. What can you do when Pokémon Go decides your house is a gym? (The Verge)

33. Grown man cheats at Pokémon Go with help from drone (The Verge)

34. Pokémon Go may get turned into a movie by the studio behind The Dark Knight (The Verge)

35. Memorials of the dead ask people not to play Pokémon Go on their grounds (The Verge)

36. Someone on Craigslist is selling a level 20 Pokémon Go account for $100 (The Verge)

37. Can you play Pokémon Go in space? NASA says no, you cannot (The Verge)

38. This man’s Pokémon Go chat app is so successful that it’s driving him bankrupt (The Verge)

39. Armed robbers used Pokémon Go to target victims in Missouri (The Verge)

40. Who is Pokémon Go’s Professor Willow and why is he such a daddy? (The Verge)

41. Guys Are Already Using Pokemon Go to Take Dick Pics (Cosmopolitan)

42. This Man Caught a Pokémon While His Wife Was Giving Birth (Cosmopolitan)

43. Watch This Man Literally Walk Into a Pond While Trying to Catch Pokemon (Cosmopolitan)

44. Watch This Woman Question Her Entire Existence Because of Pokemon Go (Cosmopolitan)

45. ‘Pokemon’ Cartoon Star ‘Pokemon Go’ Is So Popular I Couldn’t Play!! (TMZ)

46. I got caught cheating through Pokémon Go (New York Post)

47. Kim Jong Un is main villain for Pokémon Go in South Korea (New York Post)

48. The Tragedy of Pokémon Go (The Atlantic)

49. I despise Pokémon Go, and there’s no way I’m the only one (The Washington Post)

50. Why Pokémon Go’s huge success makes me fear, not cheer, the future of gaming (The Washington Post)

51. Nine dogs that are so tired of going on Pokémon Go walks (The Washington Post)

52. We don’t care if you’re one Meowth short of a full Pokedex. Pokemon Go and driving don’t mix (The Washington Post)

53. Marines Playing Pokémon Go Help Catch Attempted Murder Suspect (Kotaku)

54. ‘Gotta sign ’em all’: Red Wings catch ‘Teemu Pokemon’ on a one year deal (The Washington Post)

55. Trio gets locked in cemetery while playing ‘Pokemon Go’ (The Washington Post)

56. If you must play Pokémon Go, ‘catch’ some real animals while you’re at it (The Washington Post)

57. Pokémon Go Nudes Are A Thing Now (Kotaku)

58. Pokémon Go Battle Joins Ongoing Anti-Gay Culture War at Westboro Baptist (Slate)

59. Welcome to the Apocalypse, Brought to You by Pokémon Go (Fortune)

60. Four NYPD officers caught playing Pokémon Go in Queens (New York Daily News)

61. The Durham Bulls are letting people play Pokémon Go on the field (New York Daily News)

62. 9 Lingering Ethical Questions I Have that Remain Unaddressed by Pokemon Go (People magazine)

63. Why I’m a Grown Man with a Job, a Boyfriend and a Social Life Who’s Obsessed With Pokemon Go (People magazine)

64. Pokémon GO Led Arizona Grandmother to Rescue Bullied Young Boy: ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’ (People magazine)

65. 3 Ways Pokemon Go Will Brilliantly Boost Your Company Culture (Forbes)

66. Pokémon Go: 5 Ways Renters Can Catch ‘Em All (Forbes)

67. Is ‘Pokémon GO’ An Alien Mind Control Plot? (Forbes)

68. This 7-Year-Old Makes Snazzy Buttons To Keep Pokemon Go Players Safe (The Huffington Post)

69. Could Pokémon Go Help Treat Depression? (The Huffington Post)

70. 13 Tweets That Show ‘Pokemon Go’ Is A Truly Religious Experience (The Huffington Post)

71. You Can Hire A Pokémon Go Trainer For $20 An Hour Because The World Is Good (The Huffington Post)

72. How Pokemon Go Perfectly Captures What It’s Like To Live With ADHD (The Huffington Post)

73. 16 Couples Who Are *This Close* To Divorcing Because Of Pokemon Go (The Huffington Post)

74. Pokemon Go Leads Players To California Sex Offender Ranch (The Huffington Post)

75. Hey, ‘Pokemon Go’ zombies, put down your phones and experience reality (The Los Angeles Times)

76. ‘Pokemon Go’ Will Make America Great Again (Complex)

77. I Spent a Night Playing Pokémon Go, Got Drunk for Free, and Gave Away a Shit Ton of Personal Data in the Process (xoJane)

78. We Went to a ‘Pokémon Go’ Lure Party in Toronto (Vice)

79. The ‘Pokémon Go’ Endgame: Getting You to Walk Into Chipotle (Motherboard)

80. How People on Tinder Are Using Pokémon Go to Hook Up (Broadly)

81. My Blood-Curdling Pokémon Go Ghost-Hunting Adventure (Broadly)

82. I hired a driver to take me Pokémon Go hunting (Fusion)

83. I tried to get a date on Pokémon Go (Fusion)

84. So you’re dating a Pokémon GO addict… (Fusion)

85. We Need To Talk About Pokémon Go Etiquette (Refinery29)

86. Chrissy Teigen Is As Obsessed With Pokémon Go As You Are (Refinery29)

87. Don’t get hooked on the joy of playing ‘Pokémon Go.’ It won’t last. (Mashable)

88. I spent money in ‘Pokémon GO,’ and it wasn’t worth it (Tech Insider)

89. Surprise! Pokemon Go Is Racist Too (Daily Caller)

90. Pokémon Go is causing a major rift in society (Business Insider Australia)

91. Pokémon Go Is a Government Surveillance Psyop Conspiracy (Gawker)

92. Pokémon Go Players Are Waging War Over The White House (Gawker)

93. Police Department to PokéMasters: Your Life is the Rarest Catch of All (Gawker)

94. Did You Get Laid Playing Pokémon Go? (Gizmodo)

95. This Post Has Nothing to Do With Pokémon Go, I Promise (Gizmodo)

96. Planned Parenthood Has Jumped On the Pokémon Go Bandwagon (Jezebel)

97. Pokémon Go Is an Agent of the State (Jezebel)

98. All My Pokémon Are Boring Trash Idiots (Deadspin)

99. The Seventeen Remaining Pokemon Go Headlines (The Awl)

And the one headline truer than them all:

100. The Media Has Become Obsessed with Pokémon Go (Vanity Fair)

Image by The Pokemon Company

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