Introducing: Contently’s New Media Library for Enterprise-Wide Content

Disorganization is the enemy of productivity.

In content marketing, it can rear its ugly head in the planning process, throughout the course of production, and when managing content assets across multiple departments. When brands don’t know where or how to access valuable company assets, the result is inconsistent messaging and a waste of time and resources.

Enter Contently’s new media library, an indispensable tool for managing all your organization’s media assets in one organized and easily accessible library—all within the Contently platform.


With the media library, it’s possible to upload crucial media assets—individually or in bulk—then filter, tag, and sort so they’re easy to find.

Once the library is populated, team members can pull the most recent brand-compliant media assets and insert them directly into the body of new or existing stories, a creative brief, or the assets tab of proposed stories. Permissions settings control who can upload, delete, and view these assets.

An organized library prevents contributors from using outdated or off-brand assets and keeps design and marketing teams from purchasing or creating images already in the network. Users will also have visibility into creation date as well as how often and when an asset was used.

Future iterations will show how well assets performed in stories, which will make it easier to choose the ones that ensure success.

Contently’s media library simplifies the publishing process, prevents you from losing resources to unnecessary licensing and time mismanagement, and returns the focus to where it should be: creating great content.

If you’re a Contently client, please contact your account manager about gaining access to the media library.

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