3 Awesome SXSW Panels That Won’t Happen Without Your Help

Believe it or not, SXSW is a lot more than BBQ, beer, and amazing music—although, full disclosure, there were plenty of those things at the Contently SXSW Cookout last year. What’s important is that there are also a ton of interesting panels, keynotes, and interviews. These conversations change the way people think about big issues and solve difficult problems. They drive innovation and collaboration. They make your experience on the Internet better. And we think we have something valuable to contribute.

We’d love if you would vote for the three panels our team is participating in.

1. Engaging With the Audiences That Matter

Who’s on it: Contently VP of Brand Development Elisa Cool with leading marketers from HSBC, Genpact, and CNBC Digital.

Why you should vote for it: There’s a ton of talk about creating and sharing content, but what’s often overlooked is that there’s very specific content that needs to get to a very specific audience: the people with the power to make purchasing decisions. You’ll hear from brands and publishers using content to engage their target audiences, providing a diverse perspective with clear takeaways.

2. Why Are VCs Obsessed With Content Marketing?

Who’s on it: Contently Editor-in-Chief Joe “Lazer” Lazauskas with top content leaders from the venture capital world.

Why you should vote for it: Somehow, there’s a hot trend in Silicon Valley that no one’s talking about: VCs are launching a content marketing arms race among each other in hopes of securing the industry’s most coveted entrepreneurs. And the implications for entrepreneurs and investors alike are huge.

(Also, if this panel gets voted in, Lazer promises to record a thank-you video in a full-body bear suit. The metaphor he’s going for is unclear.)

3. No CTO, No Problem: Building A Non-Technical MVP

Who’s on it: Director of Contently Studios John Hazard moderates a panel with leading brands and venture capitalists.

Why you should vote for it: Too many entrepreneurs are holding themselves back because they think they need a CTO to move forward. Entrepreneurs will share their experiences with building and launching products, along with a VC perspective to round out the conversation.

Not sold yet? Click on the links for a little more detail, and take these five easy steps to vote:

  1. Go to SXSW PanelPicker.
  2. In the top right corner, click Sign In.
  3. You can sign in with Facebook or by creating an account.
  4. Once you have your account, click on each of the above topic links, and click the thumbs-up sign.
  5. Click Share toward the bottom left to share these topics on social!

We’ll see you in Austin—BBQ and beer on us!