Contently Is Getting Smarter

Some days you feel luckier than others, and today is one of those days.

Working at Contently, things move so fast that sometimes it feels like you’re on a bit of a white-knuckled thrill-ride… on your average Tuesday. But today? Today is another level of exciting.

We have not one, but two major announcements from our inaugural West Coast Contently Summit: the launch of Contently Research and the opening of our brand new San Francisco office.

Let’s start from the top.

Today we unveiled Contently Research, a new service that will help our clients produce richer, more compelling content based on powerful insights and data.

Contently clients who subscribe to our robust content platform will now be able to produce original and secondary research, as well as white papers, case studies, data visualization, and more. They will also gain access to a newly expanded network of researchers, infographic artists, data-focused writers, and subject-matter experts.

Why research? We know from our own work both with clients and with our rapidly growing publication, The Content Strategist, that content driven by research and data generates more attention time, drives more leads, triggers more social shares, results in more press, and can be repurposed into multiple story types.

While many in the industry suggest that companies should outsource their own voices with syndicated content, or buy into lower-cost, low-quality content in order to achieve maximum velocity (despite clear evidence that it doesn’t work), Contently is doubling down on the idea that companies that raise the bar with great original content will win and win big.

Speaking of winning, we’re thrilled today to announce the opening of our new West Coast office in the home of the World Series champs, San Francisco.

not our office

(Editor’s note: Contently office not pictured.)

Contently is proud to work with some of the biggest and best technology and finance companies in the world, many of which happen to be headquartered in California. Opening a new office in the Bay Area helps us serve them better and moves us closer to whole lot of companies that could benefit greatly from smarter content marketing.

Smarter strategy, smarter technology, smarter content—that’s where we’re headed. And we’re just getting started.


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