#ModernMarketing Podcast, Episode 3: How Coca-Cola and LinkedIn Built Their Newsrooms

In this episode, host Kavi Guppta explores why some brands are better at content marketing than others. Is it the team? Is it the strategy? Or is it a consistent set of habits that content marketers adhere to day in and day out? Listen in as we learn how LinkedIn uses content to increase engagement on-site; how Coca-Cola is evolving its corporate communications team through strong editorial coverage on Coca-Cola Journey; and our very own Sam Slaughter weighs in to describe his challenges and successes in leading a content team at Contently.

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Deanna Lazzaroni, Manager of Global Content Marketing & Social Media Strategy at LinkedIn (@digitalDL)

Jay Moye, Editor at Coca-Cola Journey (@JayMoye1)

Sam Slaughter, VP of Content at Contently (@samslaughter215)


Hosted and produced by Kavi Guppta (@kaviguppta)

Assistant produced and co-written by Kristen Marano (@Kmarano)

Executive produced by Joe Lazauskas (@JoeLazauskas)

Additional Music

Natural Sensation by nExow (Modern Marketing Theme)

Thai Food by Safakash

Prelude in C BWV 846 (J.S. Bach) performed by Kevin MacLeod*

Joan by Johnny Ripper*

A Void by Johnny Ripper*

*Audio made available thanks to the Free Music Archive.


Image by Kyle Fewell

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