The Most Effective and Difficult Types of Content Marketing, in One Chart

Content marketing success is on the rise, but that isn’t necessarily translating to bigger budgets.

According to Ascend2’s newest Content Marketing Trends Survey, 89 percent of respondents say they’ve had success with content marketing. Despite the good news, less than half of marketers reported that they plan to increase their content budgets—even though they cite lack of resources (53 percent) and budget constraints (40 percent) as two of the most challenging obstacles preventing marketers from reaching their most important objectives.

So, with these limited budgets in mind, what strategies and tactics can marketers employ to engage their audiences? The solution is to identify the strategies that are most effective while also being relatively easy to create.

The below chart from Ascend2’s report visualizes which content formats provide that sweet spot, proving effective while not very difficult to create. The bigger the gap between blue and orange, the better. As you can see, the most viable way to give your content marketing a boost seem to be focusing on articles, case studies, visual aids, and eNewsletters. These forms are the Goldilocks of content: not too difficult, and just the right amount of effectiveness.

Videos, white papers, and webinars, on the other hand, fall on the other side of the spectrum. They’re a lot of work, take time and resources to do well, and if they’re not promoted correctly, can fall flat and deliver a disastrous ROI. Bottom line: They’re only worth doing if you’re prepared to invest in them.

Take a look at Ascend2’s chart for more insight on doing your content right.

Image by Woaiss

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