‘Brand Newsrooms’ Stretched for Resources

Somewhere behind those ninja turtle-dressed humans and crazy Vines, there’s a human mind—or, more likely, multiple human minds—devising and executing a brand’s content strategy. And inside those “brand newsrooms,” they’re feeling stretched thin.

OneSpot is out with a new infographic that looks at the size of these quickly evolving “brand newsrooms,” the challenges they face, and their expectations for the future. Although there are questions left unanswered in the infographic (such as which of the listed sources each stat comes from), there are a few intriguing takeaways.

Resources are a big problem for content marketers: Sixty-nine percent feel their greatest challenge is lack of time, while half still struggle with producing enough content to engage their target audience. That’s evident by the fact that only one in three content marketers are creating multiple content assets to distribute each week.

On the plus side, 78.3 percent of content marketing teams plan on expanding by one to three people in the next year, and outsourcing is providing some help, with over half of marketers getting outside help for either design (59 percent) or writing (57 percent) work.

Check out the full infographic below. If you’re a content marketer who feels like you’re braving it by yourself in this big, bad world, it may help you feel a little less alone.

Brand Newsroom Infographic:

Image by Mr-Jalili

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