Content Marketing Catchup: This Week’s 5 Must-Read Stories

There may have been some things you missed over Memorial Day weekend: the chance to partake in three days of debauchery on Fire Island; that Instagram of your boss doing tequila shots on the boardwalk at 11 a.m. (which he smartly deleted the next day); and the latest and greatest from the wild world of content marketing.

We can’t help you with your #FOMO, but we can help you get caught up on the must-read stories you missed. In the words of the Beastie Boys, check-ch-check-check-ch-check it out.

5 Lessons for Brand Publishers From the NYT Innovation Report

“Gosh darn homie, that report was cray,” the polite yet colloquial millennials in your office might have said upon the release of the critical New York Times Innovation Report. But what does it mean for brand publishers? This guide will give you some killer happy hour talking points. Read it.

Platishers: The New Trend Content Marketers Need to Know About

Platishers may sound like a trend where new-media publishers dress up like platypuses on casual Friday, but that’s not the case at all. The Content Strategist’s Herbert Lui reports:

The platisher, a portmanteau coined by Sulia CEO Jonathan Glick in an article for Re/code, is a hybrid between a platform and a publisher. Connoting sites such as Gawker or Buzzfeed, platishers are publishers that provide the audience with a platform to contribute content in an effort to and generate traffic and create engaged advocates. Read it.

Study: Self-Promotion Kills Consumer Trust in Branded Content

There’s a fascinating new study by Kentico Software, and it may just be the answer to the prayers of content marketers who have been wishing for a way to prove to their clients and bosses that being self-promotional is just plain dumb. Read it.

This Small Trick Will Make You a Much Smarter Content Marketer

Contently co-founder Shane Snow writes about a productivity study that may just change your day-to-day life:

My father often used to tell my brothers and me, ”Work smarter, not harder.”

He’d tell us this while making us do some frustratingly hard thing, like tearing shingles off of a roof or building a wood floor. Clearly, he didn’t mean what a lot of people mean when they advise to “work smart,” i.e. do less work or make someone do the work for you. There would always be more floors to build. What he advocated was working in ways that allowed you to get more done with less risk and less pain, by approaching problems thoughtfully instead of through brute force. Think, think, think, in his book, was superior to practice, practice, practice.

My father would be happy to know that there’s now an academic study to back him up. Read it.

Fred Wilson: Tomorrow’s CMOs Will Be Content Marketers

When Fred Wilson invites you to breakfast, you go. And if you’re The Content Strategist’s Sam Petulla, you also get a scoop:

What will drive the rise of content marketing? According to Fred Wilson, it will be older generations of marketers leaving the scene.

“We need a generational change,” Wilson said at an Internet Week breakfast event on Monday at City Winery. “It may be hard for a VP of marketing from another era to embrace this moment. Some will. Many won’t. We need people who understand this instinctively or intuitively.” Read it.

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