Content Catchup: From the Rise of Robots to the Chat App Revolution

So many cool things are happening in the brand storytelling space right now. Robots are taking over Twitter. Tumblr is doubling down on helping brands get eyeballs on their content. Facebook is tripling down. The user-generated content craze is making a comeback with a twist — brands are the new users. Things are getting so meta that I constantly find myself fighting the temptation to buy a fedora and enroll in a post-modern lit class. Check it out:

I Never Thought Machines Would Take Over. But Then I Met The NY Times’ 4th Down Bot.

Rise of the machines! The NY Times’ 4th down bot is becoming NFL junkies’ new best friend, and he’s (she’s?) not the only one earning our love. Read.

Fair Use Lessons From GoldieBlox’s Battle With The Beastie Boys

In a high-profile legal standoff with the Beastie Boys, GoldieBlox put a whole new spin on how to make a video go viral. In the process, they raised a lot of questions around Fair Use rights. Here’s what brands need to know. Read.

Inside Branded Content: How Shutterstock Won The Hunger Games

Shutterstock’s Tour of the 12 Districts of Panem is a masterful piece of brand storytelling. We connect with the creators to find out how they did it. Read.

Great News For Brands: Facebook Takes Content Promotion To An Unprecedented Level

Facebook’s quest to dominate content distribution has reached new heights, and there are brand dollars as far as the eye can see. Learn how their unprecedented new article promotion format is going to change the game. Read.

Chat Apps: The Next Big Content Marketing Opportunity

In about six months, marketer’s won’t be able to shut up about chat apps, which are becoming more like platforms, filled with rich features that are fueled by content and storytelling. From Instagram Direct, to Kik, to Tango, these apps are quickly becoming the key to reaching the under-25 demographic. Brands that act early will be rewarded. Read.

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