One Ad Pro’s Take on the Future of Big Agencies [VIDEO]

In April, a cadre of 200 publishers and advertising specialists gathered in New York’s Bowery Hotel for Contently’s Social Content Summit, which featured insights from nine professionals who have emboldened their brands through unique content and social media Contently co-founder Shane Snow sat down with each panelist to discuss the future of content marketing and social media. This is the second of a nine-video series sharing some of the day’s learnings.

Get the scoop on where big ad agencies are headed from a man who has worked for “four of the big five.” This video highlights Jonathan Sackett, recent managing director of content for North America at Ogilvy. Big advertising agencies once governed communications between brands and their customers. But brands have been forced into small partnerships in areas like social and mobile. At the same time the large ad agencies are still trying to control branding. Sackett tells us that rather than assert control, big agencies need to create a “round table environment” where all parties can identify and solve new challenges.

Image by Pavel L Photo and Video