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BuzzFeed’s Classroom, Awesome Craigslist Ads, Stand Out in a Crowd

The Strategist picks the day’s most interesting stories for the content aficionados who love the backstory and reading between the lines. Here are the gems you need to kickstart your Friday:

BuzzFeed Starts Program to Train Agencies in the BuzzFeed Way (AdAge)
If you’ve developed a great methodology, why not sell it as a standalone product? BuzzFeed has launched a one-of-a-kind program to train agencies to become master storytellers.

Native ads will be a key part of this strategy. Participants will receive three to six months of training from BuzzFeed’s editorial team. After the program, ‘accredited’ agencies will have direct access to post to the BuzzFeed site.

The 12 Most Extreme Craigslist Ads We’ve Ever Seen (Business Insider)
The best advertising takes the ordinary and makes it amazing.

Take a lesson from this ad for a beaten-up, 12-year-old bicycle copy so awesome that that it caught Mashable’s attention.

Stand Out in a Crowded Industry (Inc)
There’s one thing about marketing that you can’t escape – there’s a lot of stuff out there.

From products to content and services, there’s a lot of competition for virtually every brand. You need to truly stand out. Here’s one leader’s strategy.

YouTube Launches Its Paid Subscription Channels with Select Partners (PaidContent)
YouTube’s paid channel platform is now live. Partners can now charge as little as $0.99 per month for access to video content.

There’s a 14-day trial with discounts for annual plans. Are YouTube and distribution the new face of video and television?

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