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The Met’s Art Videos, Brazilians and Social Media, Valentine’s Day Content

The Strategist picks the day’s most relevant and interesting stories about the world of content from around the web. Here’s what you should be reading today:

The Met’s Series of Art Videos

Paid Content reports on the start of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s year-long web series called 82nd & Fifth, which features curators talking about art.

Throughout the year, 100 episodes that are two minutes long each will be released. In a statement, the Met’s CEO and director Thomas Campbell said, “In a sea of constant information, these two-minute, authoritative commentaries are a welcome way to get powerful and compelling content in quick doses.”

Brazilians and Social Media

The Wall Street Journal reports that Brazil is quickly embracing social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

In Brazil, there are 65 million users on Facebook, making it the second biggest user base (the first is America). In 2012, it ranked as one of the top five places for YouTube revenue in the world, and it was “the biggest market outside the U.S. by number of unique visitors” for the site.

Twitter claims that Brazil is becoming one of the top-five most active user groups on its site. The number of time spent on Facebook and YouTube is steadily increasing across the board in the country as well.

Valentine’s Day Content Marketing

Sonia Simone of CopyBlogger writes about what marketers can do to promote on Valentine’s Day. She says they need to tell customers how much they’re appreciated and add in a story to make it personal.

Offering something free the customer may be interested in like an in-store party or a webinar is recommended. It’s not the best idea to give discounts all the time, but throwing in something extra to existing customers is only going to strengthen their loyalty.

Three Big Publishers Launch Bookish 

According to the New York Times, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Group USA and Hachette Book Group have launched Bookish, a website that offers information on books and authors.

The content on the site is mostly for informational purposes, but books are sold on there as well. There are also features on the site, like a “Fifty Shades of Grey” review by The Onion and an Elizabeth Gilbert essay.

Expedia Gets Emotional Again 

According to ClickZ, Expedia has transform the “Find Yours” campaign yet again. It is now allowing people to “turn their travel photos into multimedia videos complete with music and Google Earth flyovers” through a Facebook app.

It aims to help consumers invoke emotion with their travel photos. The app also allows viewers to pause on particular photos or go backwards if one went by too quickly.

Facebook App Will Share Location

According to Mashable, Facebook is going to put out a new app that “keeps track of user location, and reports that information to friends when they’re nearby.”

The app is going to be released in March, and will let users know when they’re near each other physically, even if it isn’t open. The app was created in part by members of Glancee, a mobile discovery company that Facebook acquired last year.

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