The Best Content in Life Is Free: How 3 Financial Firms Cover Money

The appetite for financial information seems to be healthier than the economy.

Financial companies are increasingly publishing content aimed at helping consumers navigate the rocky climate. Here’s how three financial businesses are giving lessons in economics.


Need to learn about banking and investments? Scottrade has got you covered. On the company’s blog, which is updated multiple times monthly, customers can learn about the ins and outs of trading, establishing finances, and stock market happenings.

Scottrade also offers website visitors a monthly digest called “KnowHow News,” which goes into the nitty gritty of making money in the stock market.

Its comprehensive content approach also includes daily commentary on the market and frequent strategy sessions via webinar, as well as interactive presentations and trader podcasts available for download.


Prudential provides a full range of content for individuals and families along with businesses and organizations on its website.

There are articles on everything from balancing work and family, to starting a business, and education tax incentives. Some of its current content campaigns are geared towards African Americans, women, and retirees.

The targeted content extends beyond Prudential’s website  It can also be found on its YouTube page. Last year, the company ran the “Day One” campaign in which it profiled real life people and their retirement stories.

Merrill Lynch

The highlight of Merrill Lynch’s content strategy is its informative videos, which focus on topics like tapping into emerging markets and how to invest in dividend stocks.

The high quality videos are under 10 minutes long, and offer insights on how to manage wealth. There are hosted videos and conversational pieces featuring financial experts. The programs are also posted on the official YouTube channel, which is nearing 50,000 views.

On the Merrill Lynch Advisor, the company’s blog with a newspaper feel, there are feature articles about the upcoming presidential election and what’s at stake financially, and pieces that give sound financial advice to customers.

To give the blog a human touch, the company added in “One On One,” a section about notable individuals and their financial planning.