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Media Blogs Bet Big on Fashion’s Power to Attract Readers, Generate Ad Sales

The Cut, New York Magazine’s fashion blog, will begin offering readers more stories and expanded coverage starting next month.

Then, in September, Self magazine will introduce a new site that will allow users to create their own wardrobes based on showcased products.

The four-year-old The Cut blog will now “will make it easier to look at clothing at fashion shows and offer more creative fashion shoots by younger photographers,” according to the New York Times‘ Christine Haughney. The changes debut Aug. 13.

Despite rough times for the news industry, the magazine is expanding fashion coverage because it brings in the most advertising money for the site. The revenue has grown 34 percent in the last year, said Publisher Lawrence C. Burstein. Already, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, and Cartier have plans to advertise on the blog.

In 2011, “US digital advertising spending at magazines grew 18.8% to $2.7 billion in 2011,” according to statistics from eMarketer.  In addition, in the first quarter of 2012, the Publisher Informations Bureau found that magazine ad revenues focused on toiletries and cosmetics increased by 7.1 percent, and those geared towards apparel and accessories grew by 13.2 percent.

Others are joining the trend. On July 25, the Daily Beast will be starting a fashion blog called Fashion Beast.

The Self site, which will be called selfcurateyourlook, “will present Self staff-selected products and a rotating series of advertisers’ products in sleek, catalogue-style displays,” writes Lucia Moses of AdWeek. “While they’re not actually deciding which products are featured, visitors can save products they like to a personal look book and share items of interest using Facebook, Pinterest and email. They will also be able to click to buy products.”

The site is encouraging users to feel more connected to the brand through curation.

Lauren McEwan told Moses that the brand will be sharing revenue with the featured beauty and fashion companies. It’s already gained the interest of advertisers like Swatch, Neutrogena, and NFL Women’s Apparel.

Activity on Pinterest, the king of curation, is evidence that many people curate their own looks online. The second fastest growing category on the site is style/fashion, and “My Style” is the second most popular board.

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