Hearsay Targets Consumers on Social Media

Inbound marketing, encompassing both social media and content marketing, is what consumers are demanding. Marketers can no just longer talk at customers–they must talk with them, encouraging conversations and creating content that engages.

For marketers, those demands are not always easy to satisfy, which is where Hearsay Social, a company that provides content, comes in.

According to Forbes, Hearsay has introduced a service called Content Exchange, which brings in news from Reuters, Tribune Media Services, and Demand Media and charges companies to use its targeted content.

“Marketers can browse through content and search for particular content that’s relevant to their company,” says Forbes. “After selecting an article they can add a comment and schedule the post for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, then measure the response from fans in likes, comments or retweets.”

Hearsay’s goal is to improve its social media marketing tactics. It provides content for many companies with local branches, allowing them to monitor what’s posted on all the newsfeeds and Twitter streams.

The return on investment is huge, according to a study by Mainstay Salire. Companies using Hearsay “have seen a 50 percent to 500 percent increase in revenue performance measures, as well as a 2x to 5x increase in local fans,” writes Tech Crunch.

The bottom line is, of course, sales.

As of right now, however, sales rank last when companies measure the benefits of social media marketing.

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