Using Pinterest for Market Research

On Pinterest, marketers can find a wealth of information about consumers including what they like, what trends they’re interested in, and what products they may want to buy.

By examining the different sections on the site, such as categories, gifts, and descriptions, marketers have the ability to research what appeals to customers the most.

Pinterest’s categories feature is a useful tool to figure out how to get into a new market or identify what items will be popular on a company’s website, according to Search Engine Watch‘s Kaila Strong.

The categories are divided into interests like gardening, technology, home decor, and women’s apparel.

Gifts serves a similar purpose: It shows what products are attractive to users, and will help business owners determine what images they should post for users to repin. This could eventually lead to more sales on the brand’s website.

“Users who pin your images might describe a product and say, ‘Wish it had this,’ or ‘Would love to see this paired with something else,'” says Strong. “You can use this information to improve products or create pairings of products for improved usability on your site.”

Pinterest was the social media site to hit the 10 million user mark the quickest, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Along with checking categories, gifts, and descriptions, marketers should be adding quality images as well as commenting on and re-pinning other people’s images.

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