Using Facebook to Build Strong Customer Service

Consumers are increasingly turning to the web to voice their complaints about companies. Facebook is one of the top platforms for this. On brand pages, people are compelled to speak their mind, ask questions, or seek help for certain issues.

Twenty three percent of consumers in the United States seek customer service support online, and “three out of four expect a reply to a negative comment posted on Facebook,” according to Forrester Research and Mashable. The blog posted eight tips to improve customer service on Facebook–here are some of the highlights.


When a brand’s biggest fans help out other customers with their concerns, it can build credibility. This use of crowdsourcing saves money and strengthens the bond between the fans and the company. Not to mention, people trust each other more than they trust companies.

Be Transparent and Approachable

People appreciate when a company’s responses sound like they are coming from a real, live human being. Instead of deleting negative comments, Blogger Stacey Politi says to “take the opportunity to solve your customers’ issues or complaints on your public page. … At the very least, page visitors and friends of the disgruntled customer will see your brand as attentive and solution-oriented.”

Create Alerts

By setting up alerts on a brand page for keywords such as, “question,” “frustrated,” or “customer service,” Politi writes that it’ll be easier to see notifications and promptly respond to inquiries. “Whether the comments are positive or negative, you will be kept in the loop.”

These days, customers appreciate it when they are being heard. If a company ignores complaints or takes too long to respond, it can be detrimental to its social media strategy.

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