3 Creative Pinterest Campaigns That Caught Our Attention

Honda recently launched its Pinterest page with a big campaign: The company targeted five of the site’s top pinners, and offered them $500 each to stop pinning for 24 hours. The pintermission, as Honda is calling it, is meant to empower users to stop pinning and get out to fulfill their bucket list items, then return to the site and pin about what they did.

The pinterest project is part of Honda’s Leap List campaign for the CR-V, according to ClickZ Marketing. “The Honda CR-V is all about getting out and doing all the things you want in life,” says Lauren Ebner, assistant manager of social media for Honda. “So we decided we would offer some of the top pinners $500 to go out and do things they’ve pinned about.”

Over the past few months, Pinterest has been home to a number of interesting marketing campaigns. In Israel, Kotex ran a campaign where it sent virtual gifts to 50 inspiring women, asking them to repin the gift. If they pinned it, they received the real gift in the mail. More than 2,200 interactions occurred and Smoyz, the agency behind the campaign, reports that almost 100% of the women posted about receiving the gifts on different social media channels, according to Mashable.

Another campaign, run by British Midland International, encouraged users to repin its travel destinations in a chance to win a free, round-trip vacation. The pictures were numbered, and the person with the winning six-digit combination won the prize. In the first two weeks, there were 3,000 entries.

As Pinterest continues to gain popularity, expect more creative campaigns. On Twitter, there are only words, and Facebook doesn’t have the same visual capabilities. Since people are more attracted to visuals online, perhaps content marketing efforts will shift to promoting photographs and images on Pinterest instead. Only time will tell.

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