Social Media Marketing ROI Data Exposed For Over 100 Brands

Dachis Group put together a list of 101 companies who are successfully delivering on Social Media ROI.

The roundup mostly includes brands who have lowered customer support costs, increased ROI, and increased brand perception. For example:

  • Mint showed a 75% reduction in number of support tickets via its sCRM solution;
  • Petco’s Q&A content powers 75% more sales, 100% more orders per session, 28% more items per order, and 9% higher average order value; and
  • Secret’s purchase intent among women who participated on Facebook increased by 11% and 33% for teens.

It is refreshing to see brands start to close the loop on social media ROI. Contently co-founder Shane Snow comments:

“Most editors and content marketers gauge success by proxies like time on page, shares, and traffic lift – but it is important to look at the correlation between social and content publishing activity and trends in conversion metrics like sales, cost savings, and signups.”

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